How To: Balance a cane on your chin

Balance a cane on your chin

Watch this instructional video to learn fun trick, balancing a cane on your chin. Now to begin with, you want to have a good wide stance with your knees bent, keep your back straight and bend your head backwards. Slowly lift the object up onto the chin being very careful to make sure that it's perfectly straight up and down. Many people put the object too far back or too far forward and are surprised when it just falls of their chin. While you're balancing the object, your focus should be on the very tip-top point, try to keep that point as stable as possible making very small adjustments. Ideally the object wouldn't move an inch. Also you can combine balancing with other acts of juggling, for example you could balance a cane on your chin while juggling clubs or you can balance on a rolla bolla and you can even do the same trick with a juggling club.

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