How To: Juggle 3 clubs at once for beginners

Juggle 3 clubs at once for beginners

The creative minds at Soulstyle show you how to juggle three clubs at once with some excellent tips to help get you started. Start by tossing one club in the air and catching it in the correct spot before you more forward into juggling. Once you've got that down pat, toss two clubs back and forth, in the shape of an "X" until you are completely comfortable with that. Keep your eyes focused on the highest point of the "X" and avoid the temptation to watch your hands. When you've mastered two, introduce a third club. Before juggling with the third club, practice doing two again, only this time by holding the third one with a firm grip in one hand. You're ready to throw the third club in when you've managed to do two clubs while still grasping the third.

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