How To: Do the "6-1-5" juggling stunt

Do the "6-1-5" juggling stunt

In order to juggle a 6-1-5 juggling stunt, you will need the following: four balls. There are 3 consecutive throws, which do 3 different things. The set up is an a-sync four ball pattern. You have to throw 2 5's. Your dominant hand should throw the first crossing throw at 5 ball height. Then, your non-dominant hand will have to do the same.

Next, you have to throw the first 6. There should be three balls in the air. So, you should throw the ball from your non-dominant hand to your dominant hand, as you catch the 3 falling balls with 2 balls in each hand. The 6 needs to be thrown outside of the path of the 5s. Then, throw the 5. That's the complete pattern. You will need to practice it on the dominant side, before you learn to repeat it on the non-dominant side.

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