How To: Juggle three balls in chops

Juggle three balls in chops

Juggle three balls in columns

Welcome to the chops juggling video tutorial. If you thought you could never juggle, then you were wrong. These instructions make it easy to learn. Before trying this chops juggling trick out, you should first know the 3 ball cascade juggling trick, along with the underarm throw.

Note: This trick is incredibly hard to just try doing straight away, you'd be best off learning via the steps given to you here. Also, when perfecting this trick, bring your arms down aggressively to make the trick look even better!

Step 1: Three ball cascade only for one arm, you catch the ball higher than usual, leaving your forearm perpendicular to the ground.

Step 2: Opposite side of step 1.

Step 3: Do step 1 only you do not throw the ball straight away, you carry the ball downwards until your arm is back at its original position, and then throw.

Step 4: Opposite side of step 3.

All Together: Work on having all throws like steps 3 and 4 to produce the full chops pattern.

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